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LLC HANTERS has fished in the Baltic Sea and supplied the fish to its wholesale customers since 1996. The dish products are delivered as both chilled and frozen.

Our fishery consists of two divisions interconnected and complementing each other, but nevertheless differing from each other. They are a fishing division (fishing fleet) and a fish-processing company. The fishing division is part of the fishery, the purpose of which is fish-search, detection, and fishing. The purpose of the processing division is the processing, storage of the products for the future, and production of food, fodder or technical products.

To produce quality fish products, such as chilled sprat, fresh-frozen sprat, chilled and fresh-frozen Baltic herring and fresh-frozen flounder, our fishermen use the most popular and mechanised technology – trawl fishing. After fishing, the fish are immediately placed into thermally insulated containers or plastic boxes and interlaid with ice, and then it is stored in a refrigerated vessel hold. The temperature in the hold is maintained at the level of 0 to -5 °C. Baltic herring, sprat, flounder, cod chilled in such a way save all their nutritional and biological value. Depending on the circumstances, the terms of transportation of the fish can fluctuate from 6 hours to five days without decreasing its quality.

LLC HANTERS uses the most effective method of delivery of fresh catches to wholesale buyers – with chilling directly in vessel holds or boxes, containers with ice. It allows our company to offer buyers wholesale supplies of chilled sprats, Baltic herrings, cod and flounder directly from shipboard.

We are always glad to offer you all our range of the highest quality fish products meeting all the strictest European Union standards.

Fish products
Chilled Baltic herring
Chilled Baltic herring, sorted
Fresh-Frozen Flounder
Sorted, fresh-frozen flounder
Chilled Sprat
Chilled Baltic sprat, sorted